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13 Creative Solutions for Exposed Piping
We often find ourselves investing in false ceiling, custom-made cabinet, and sometimes, hacking down the walls and reconstructing them, just to make sure the exposed pipes are invisible or don’t even seem to exist in the home. Exposed pipes do not necessarily look dreary and unsightly as you thought. A little twist and color coordination can make the exposed piping look chic too. Exposed piping, electrical conduit and metal ductwork hold connotations of industrial, retro, rustic and classic styles, so let those pipes show. Here are the examples of how beautiful an exposed pipework can look.

1. Exposed Electrical Conduits around Dining Room’s Window

Exposed Electrical Conduit
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What a cool twist on the unsightly electrical conduits. This dining room has the electrical conduits routed on the yellow brick wall around the windows. The electrical conduits are painted with the colors that are picked up on the rug and dining chairs to make the electrical conduits become a design element in the dining space.

 2. Exposed Piping on Kitchen’s Ceiling

Exposed Piping(image credit:
The industrial look of the kitchen is constituted by the industrial bar stools, black pendant lights, not to mention the electrical conduits and plumbing pipes routed on the white ceiling. The exposed structural elements here play an important role in complementing the industrial style of the kitchen. The subway tiles on the bar add to the hip, metropolitan vibe. What a cool twist on the unsightly electrical conduits. This dining room has the electrical conduits routed on the yellow brick wall around the windows. The electrical conduits are painted with the colors that are picked up on the rug and dining chairs to make the electrical conduits become a design element in the dining space.

3. Exposed Ductwork on Kitchen’s Wall

Exposed Ductwork
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What a beautiful transformation of the exposed ductwork. The ductwork is spray-painted with the bronze finish paint to blend with the design of the kitchen. The industrial bronze-finished pendant fixtures pick up on the color of the worktop of the kitchen island and the finishing of the ductwork. The kitchen looks harmonious and inviting despite the giant ductwork on the wall.

4. Exposed Water Pipes on Kitchen’s Brick Wall

Exposed Piping(image credit:
Go for exposed piping to add industrial look and a sense of character to a kitchen. Here, the hardware on the cabinet, stove and water faucet are brass-finished to match the pipes and fittings on the water piping and exhaust duct. The exposed brick wall is painted white to let the brass-finished piping stand out. They all come together to make the kitchen look elegant and cohesive.

 5. Exposed Piping on Bedroom’s Concrete Ceiling

Exposed Piping(image credit:
Embrace full exposure. A cozy, glamorous bedroom shows a stark contrast with the display of duct work, water pipes and electrical conduits on the concrete ceiling. The contrast of the look is skilfully executed with the well-chosen neutral-toned furniture which look soft and comfy. Despite the raw state of the ceiling, the ambience of the bedroom still makes the nights restful and warm.

 6. Exposed Sewage Pipe in Bathroom

Exposed Sewage Pipe(image credit:
There is nowhere to hide the sewage pipe in the bathroom due to the space constraint. The owner took to paint it in black color to match the dark floor tiles and black metal frame of the glass shower divider. The bathroom walls are cladded with concrete which is a natural partner for exposed piping.

 7. Exposed Sewage Pipe on Bathroom’s Ceiling

Exposed Sewage Pipe(image credit:
Here is another example of a painted sewage pipe. It’s interesting to see how the bathroom elements were picked out to interact with the black-painted sewage pipe. I love the striking appearance of the black-painted pedestal sink and water faucet as well as how they play well with the industrial pendant fixture and dark floor tiles. The concrete wall behind the mirror is an important feature to tie everything together in this bathroom.

 8. Exposed Water Pipes in Bathroom

Exposed Piping(image credit:
Create an industrial-style bathroom that is filled with character and personality like this as seen here. Add industrial-inspired design elements like the paired-back light bulbs and deep floating sink in the bathroom to enhance the look. Exposed water pipes and steel structure, all in their raw state, complement the industrial feel of this bathroom.

9. Exposed Electrical Conduits in Reading Nook

Exposed Electrical Conduit(image credit:
Some structural elements can be eyesores – electrical conduits and pipes in particular. Craftily turn those eyesores into a metallic design feature as part of the interior decor. Here, the exposed chrome-finished electrical conduits routed against the black-painted wall create a beautiful focal point in this industrial-inspired reading nook.

 10. Exposed Water Pipes on Bathroom’s Concrete Wall

Exposed Water Pipes(image credit:
Dare to go bare- Highlighted with an industrial backdrop of concrete wall, the copper piping looks wonderfully pared-back as it is. You can buy the pipes in a number of different finishes, including copper and brass. The complete look brings a sense of nature to the bathroom, resulting in a calming, balanced environment, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

 11. Exposed Piping on Bathroom’s Concrete Wall

Exposed Piping(image credit:
Exposed water pipes could ruin the look of a bathroom. For a quick fix, highlight your pipes with a copper finish for a styled industrial look. It’s just a matter of replacing existing exposed pipes with more attractive copper ones. Also used for the fixtures and sink, copper is a great warming element in the room.

12. Exposed Water Pipes on Kitchen’s Concrete Wall

Exposed Water Pipes(image credit:
Turn pipe into rack. Exposed gas pipes and water pipes can become an asset to the decor of your kitchen. Here, an exposed copper-finished pipe has been turned into a quirky element by hanging pretty kitchen utilities on to it. The exposed brick wall adds a raw and rugged backdrop for the copper piping to achieve an industrial look in the kitchen.

13. Exposed Piping on Kitchen’s Ceiling

Exposed Piping(image credit:
If you are after an industrial style in your kitchen but don’t want to go so far as to open up your ceiling, you can get the vibe by adding piping like that seen here. Piping made of copper or other metals can form shelving units or even a bar from which to suspend lights.