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Millennial Pink Interior Design – 11 Ideas

Millennial pink, also known as blush or delicate pink, is the color of the moment in the worlds of fashion and design. It has been a few years since the release of Rose Gold iPhone. Millennial Pink interior design is becoming increasingly popular in many industries, from fashion to interior design to tech. 

In general, Millennial Pink is a soft pink with some grey tones to add subtlety and sophistication.

1. Nursery Room

Nursery Room(image credit: merigo.ca)

Millennial pink works the best with grey color due to its subtle grey tone. Together they create a soothing and harmonious feeling as well as make it the best choice of color scheme for a nursery room.

2. Open Shelving in Living Room

Open Shelving in Living Room(image credit: simshilditch.com)

Mix with other pinks. This living room features a variety of pink hues, but all of them fall within the spectrum of Millennial Pink.

The built-in open shelving sets the tone and makes a statement in the living space. The owner chooses a muted color scheme, and thereby making everything easy on the eyes.

3. Dining Chair

Millennial Pink Interior Design Dining Chair(image credit: madmodhome.com)

White can make Millennial Pink stand out. The pink chairs here add personality to an otherwise plain, neutral dining room.

The pink upholstered chairs work well with the warm woods of the table and the legs of chairs, and thereby creating a balanced and mature look.

4. Front Door

Front Door(image credit: comfydwelling.com)

Go pink with your front door. This Millennial Pink painted front door has a subdued tone of pink and it can actually feel like a subdued neutral.

Paired with the black floor mat and cool grey checkerboard floor, this front door really stands out beautifully from the white painted walls without any of the girly connotations.

5. Bathroom Tiles

Millennial Pink Bathroom Tiles(image credit: olivierlempereur.com)

Be bold with pink. Get yourself immersed in this Millennial Pink mosaic-tiled bathroom that is brightened up by the skylight to show off the best qualities of Millennial Pink.

6. Cabinet

Millennial Pink Cabinet(image credit: simshilditch.com)

What a lovely subdued neutral to be used for cabinet. Millennial Pink is a new paint color for your different cabinets at home, from bedroom to kitchen to bathroom vanity. It’s definitely a new color trend for cabinets.

7. Bed Linen

Bed Linen(image credit: provantidesigns.com)

Pink and grey make for a combo that is both trendy and timeless. Combined with the floral burst chandelier, the cool grey headboard and the Millennial Pink bed linen create a calming and cohesive feeling in this girl’s bedroom. Your princess will thank you forever.

8. Wall in Living Room

Wall in Living Room(image credit: rimadesign.pt)

Give your accent wall a bold try with Millennial Pink. The wall creates a beautiful backdrop for the greyed-out pink couch and the throw pillows with different hues of pink add a layer of interest to the space.

9. Wall in Dining Room

Wall in Dining Room(image credit: miamortensen.dk)

The Millennial Pink painted wall behind the dining table creates a beautifully unexpected backdrop that makes the candles holder and pendant light fixture with brass finish pop.

Mixing in the elements in cool grey and black adds maturity and sophistication to the overall look.

10. Ceiling in Living Room

Ceiling in Living Room(image credit: vivid-interiors.com)

This living room consists of different hues of pink from the rug to the ceiling paint color. The hardware with black and brass finishes make for a perfect punctuation mark that completes the look.

11. Door in Kitchen

Millennial Pink Door in Kitchen(image credit: alcro.se)

Don’t be shy to embrace Millennial Pink interior design in the kitchen. The pink door is segregated by the white wood trim from the dominating pale green walls and kitchen cabinet.

By adding a small hint of black from the stool and pots, it allows the colour’s subtle tones sing.