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8 Interior Decoration Ideas for Small Bedroom

Interior Decoration Ideas for Small Bedroom

As the world is becoming more urbanized, the size of the newly-built houses is getting smaller. It has become more challenging than ever in decorating the bedroom when we need to deal with a lot of small spaces. Effective Interior Decoration Ideas for Small Bedroom has become a trend nowadays.

One of the important spaces in a home is bedroom which is supposed to give us a restful sleep every night. Just because the bedroom is small, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice the sense of style, especially the sense of space.

Check out the following Ideas and find the solutions that might work for your bedroom.

1. Make Use of the Ceiling Architectural Element

small room design interior - Ceiling Architectural Element(image credit: Aquidneck Properties)

Utilize the architectural element on the ceiling to draw your eyes all the way up that can distract you from paying too much attention to the actual size of the room. The vaulted beadboard ceiling here is painted white and the walls are painted a light color to make the room look brighter.

2. Put A Geometric Patterned Wallpaper Behind the Bed

Geometric Patterned Wallpaper Behind the Bed(image credit: Caroline ANDREONI)

Putting a geometric wallpaper behind the bed and keeping all other walls white can divert your attention to the pattern on the wallpaper rather than the size of the room. Choose the pattern that can make the room seem taller or broader.

3. Paint the Walls and Ceiling the Same Color

tiny bedroom interior design - Monochromatic Bedroom(image credit: TG-Studio)

Color of the ceiling defines a space. If the ceiling is painted a different color from the walls, it will give the bedroom a boxy feel. Hence with the help of light reflection, keeping the ceiling the same color especially a lighter color as the walls makes the room feel brighter and airier like the one in the image. This might be one of the best interior design for small bedroom.

4. Add Mirror Behind the Bed

interior decoration ideas for small bedroom - Mirror Feature Wall(image credit: Taylor Howes Designs)

Mirror is an old trick to make a room feel larger. The full height mirror behind the bed here bounces the light around the room and creates an illusion of doubling the size of the room.

5. Add Floor-to-Ceiling Curtain Across the Wall

Full Height Curtain(image credit: Musso Design Group)

Covering most part of the wall that has a window on it with full height curtains can direct the eyes upwards and help trick the eyes into thinking that the entire wall is installed with a broad window horizontally.

6. Install Built-In Shelving Around the Bed

Built-In Shelving Around the Bed(image credit: Hendel Homes)

The built-in shelving around the bed not only adds storage but also depth and visual interest to the bedroom, and thereby making the room feel deeper and more spacious. The large painting hanged on the wall beside the bed also attracts much of the attention when you first step into the room.

7. Add Wainscotting Behind the Bed

Wainscotting Accent Wall(image credit: Des Ewing Residential Architects)

The wainscotting behind the bed adds visual interest and a touch of personality to the room. The pair of the sconce lights on the wainscoting accent wall and the chandelier also help draw most of the attention so you won’t notice the actual size of the room.

8. Add Wood Beams on the Ceiling

bedroom interior for small rooms - Wood Beams on the Ceiling(image credit: PAD studio)

Who says a small bedroom should be kept sleek all the time? This small bedroom pulls off with the graphic patterned rug which adds a lot of pattern to the room. Plus, the wood beams on the ceiling and the white exposed-brick wall add a lot of texture to the room and make the room seem taller and farther away.

Now, with these 8 Simple Interior Decoration Ideas for Small Bedroom, you know how to make the most of a small bedroom. 

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