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How to Make Your House Smell Good? 9 Simple Tricks!

Does your house or room always smell unpleasant, and you are desperate to know the fast ways to make your home smell good?

You have come to the right place. Here, you will discover 9 easy tricks that work like a charm.

Alright! Let’s get into it.

1. How to Make Your House Smell Nice with Essential Oils?

how to keep your house smelling good by using Essential Oil

Using essential oils is one of the quickest and easiest ways to help deodorize any space in your home.

If you have a diffuser, you can add some essential oil to that.

Alternatively, you can just take a little cotton ball, put it in a bowl and add about 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil and put that anywhere you want in your house.

It’s an excellent way to remove unpleasant smell and replace it with freshened air.

2. Baking Soda Can Keep Your House Smell Better

Baking Soda

Baking soda is really effective for deodorizing.

What you can do is simply put some of it into a container and place it anywhere you like, and it will absorb odors.

One good idea is to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, rug, or sofa, let it sit for around 20 minutes, and vacuum it.

The quality of air will become more freshened.

3. Stovetop Simmer Magic

Orange Peel Stovetop Simmer

It’s a great way to make your whole house smell great.

It’s easy to do too. You can simply boil up some ingredients that smell nice in a slow cooker and let it simmer all day.

Here is how you can do it, simply fill your slow cooker halfway with water, add any combination of nice-smell ingredients. One good example is a combination of orange peel and vanilla extract.

Just heat your slow cooker on low, and you are going to let your slow cooker sit all day and simmer.

You, your family, and your guest will definitely love this incredible homemade scent!

4. Coffee Grinds Kill Odors

Keep Home Smell Naturally by Using Coffee Grinds

Wait for a second! Are you serious?

Yes… other than it can be brewed into a delicious beverage, coffee grinds can actually help remove odor in any space and make your house smell fresh.

You can just put the grinds into a bowl or an open-air container.

Simply place the container with coffee grinds anywhere that you need to remove the odor, such as your drawers, kitchen, closet, etc.

Leave it there, and you’ll slowly see it start to absorb all of that odor.

Change the coffee grinds regularly, and it will continue to work wonders for giving you an odor-free space in your house.


5. Vanilla Extract – Great for Enclosed Space

Keep Home Smelling Fresh by Using Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a great way to help make enclosed space smell better.

It works particularly well, removing odors in your fridge.

You can wipe the plastic interior parts of your fridge with a little bit of vanilla extract on a paper towel; it will help reduce odors in the fridge after a while.

6. Can Vinegar Really Make Your Home Smell Good?


It’s one of the easiest ways to make your house smell good. Simply put bowls with vinegar all around the house and the unpleasant smell will be gone. It’s especially effective to remove tobacco smell.

It works like a charm. Try it today!

7. Homemade Room Air Freshener Spray is a Natural Way to Keep House Smelling Great!

Make House Smell Better by DIY Homemade Room Air Freshener

It’s easy to make your own room air freshener.

Instead of commercial air freshener on the shelf, homemade freshener is more chemical-free.

The best part is you can create different smells to your own liking.

You can simply mix water, rubbing alcohol, and essential oil to create your own air freshener and make your room smell amazing.

8. Put Dryer Sheets under Trash Bag

Dryer Sheets under Trash Bag

The trash can at home often still smells bad even after you throw out the trash bag.

One easy way to keep those odors at bay is by putting the bottom of the can with a dryer sheet.

Not in the bag, but under it. The dryer sheet can minimize the unpleasant smell and prevent the can from absorbing odor.

9. Easy Trick! Just Ventilate the House

Make House Smell Better by Ventilate the House

This is the easiest way.

You might not be able to remove all the odors, but simply opening your windows to let in some fresh air will drastically improve your house’s overall ambiance and freshen the quality of air at home.

Now, you have the ideas of how to make your house or room smell great.

Implement any of the tricks and have a great-smell home!