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How to Choose the Right Window Treatment

Curtain is no longer just a piece of fabric that covers the window to provide privacy and block the glaring sunlight. It has more to offer than that. It’s a decorative element that spices the space up and sometimes draws more attention than your other piece of furniture in a good sense. Here are the different types of window treatment that help accentuate your spaces.

1. Sheer Curtain

Sheer Curtain(image credit: houzz.com)

A white see-through curtain makes the bedroom feel airy and gives the feeling that you gain a few more inches of the space. It also helps filter the light gently into the room.

2. Patterned Roman Shade

Patterned Roman Shade(image credit: houzz.com)

Black out window shade provides privacy you need especially in the bathroom. Roman shade is sleek and easy to operate. Make the bathroom stand out with the strong pattern and color.

3. Curtain in Same Hue

Curtain in Same Hue(image credit: houzz.com)

Create a peaceful and harmonious dining room by blending the curtain into the room with the same shade of color in greyish brown. This greyish brown dining room also feels romantic.

4. Soft Pink Curtain

Soft Pink Curtain(image credit: houzz.com)

Home office does not necessarily need to be serious and always in dark brown hard wood. You will definitely want a peaceful and calming place like this where you can generate a lot of creative ideas for work.

5. Keep-It-Simple Curtain

Keep-It-Simple Curtain(image credit: houzz.com)

If you have a great open view from the window, you might want to keep your curtain simple yet chic. With too much of pattern and color on the curtain, it can steal the thunder of the great view.

6. Fun-and-Young Curtain

Fun-and-Young Curtain(image credit: houzz.com)

A teenager boy’s bedroom is meant to be fun and playful. This curtain with the black stripes at the bottom half makes the room young and cheerful. Full-striped curtain might be too overwhelming for this already-fun-packed room.

7. Natural Bamboo Shade

Natural Bamboo Shade(image credit: houzz.com)

Running the bamboo shade from the ceiling through the windows adds a touch of elegance to the living room while filtering the light into the room. This natural bamboo shade amazingly brings the serene view outside into the living room.

8. Sheer Roman Shade

Sheer Roman Shade(image credit: houzz.com)

Window shade is the best choice for the window above the bench and when you don’t have enough space for the curtain to slide through. This sheer roman shade mildly diffuses the natural light into the room and it can be raised or lowered according to your preferred light condition.

9. Soft Fabric Roman Shade

Soft Fabric Roman Shade(image credit: houzz.com)

This perfectly chosen soft fabric shade brings the tranquility into the room. The fabric vertical lines color coordinates well with the wall paint color and it also complements the drum pendant light running down from the ceiling beautifully.

10. Floral Motif Curtain

Floral Motif Curtain(image credit: houzz.com)

The bedroom in this photo has a strong personality that is filled with the ostentatious ornaments and covered with the floral print curtain. The three giant Damask roses printed on the curtain complement this exuberant room painted in rich red.

11. Loose Fold Drapery

Loose Fold Drapery(image credit: houzz.com)

This large powder room with multiple windows is using the plain draperies to add a touch of elegance to this flamboyant room. Plain and loose drapery always looks heavy and it doesn’t make the room feel small though.

12. Exposed Rod and Ring Drapery

Exposed Rod and Ring Drapery(image credit: houzz.com)

If you have multiple windows to treat in the same room, choose the drapery with exposed rod and rings to make the room look crisp.

13. Foliage Roman Shade

Foliage Roman Shade(image credit: houzz.com)

Get bored with your monochromic kitchen? Choose a foliage fabric roman shade like this to accentuate your kitchen. Give it a try and you will get a whole new experience in the same kitchen.

14. Mixed Window Treatment

Mixed Window Treatment(image credit: houzz.com)

Be skeptical of mixing the window covering styles? Roman shade goes well with the curtain especially when the fabric is the same. In this room, Roman shade was preferred for the smaller windows, whereas curtain was chosen for the longer windows.