Glass Terrarium Plants – Build Your Miniature Garden

Terrarium plants are back in style.

Glass terrarim plants - build your own miniature garden at home

A terrarium is usually a glass container containing soils and plants, that comes with a cut-out opening which is big enough for you to access to the plants inside for maintenance.

Terrariums are often kept as decorative and ornamental items. 

People are living in smaller homes now and they want something that fits on the small spaces.

A miniature glass garden offers a bit of nature to a home or office where we can view our miniature green world every day of our lives.

1. Hanging Faceted Terrarium

Hanging Faceted Style(image credit:

Hanging Faceted Terrarium(image credit:

Not just for the tabletop, hanging terrariums can be suspended from the ceiling at different height levels to add dimension to a room.

Moss, ferns and succulents are often chosen as terrarium plants. These hearty plants easily adapt to live in the environment like an enclosed container that offers little light and watering.

2. Terrarium in Fishbowl

Terrarium in Fishbowl(image credit:

Build your own garden in a fishbowl vessel!

Ferns are hard to kill.

What you need to keep in mind is to avoid overwatering or pouring water directly on terrarium plants.

Check the moisture level of the soil by sticking your finger in the sand.

You’ll only need to water them once a week or so, and they only need a sprinkle or two of water.

3. Hanging Air Plant Terrarium

Hanging Air Plant

Hanging Air Plant Terrarium(image credit:

Many of terrariums are designed in suspended form so they can showcase the plants’ delicate leaves and beautiful colors.

Unlike ferns and succulents, air plants don’t need soil to grow.

Air plants are perfectly suited to being suspended in aerated glass containers, with no risk of soil showering the floor!

4. Multifaceted Globe Terrarium

Multifaceted Globe(image credit:

This glass-and-metal globe almost entirely encloses a mixed planting of succulents. 

Closed terrariums create a unique environment for plant growth, as the transparent walls allow for both heat and light to enter the terrarium.

Most terrariums are filled with a bottom layer of sand and charcoal to help absorb excess water.

For succulents in a glass terrarium, you can wait a month between waterings.

5. Faux Succulents Terrarium

Faux Succulents Terrarium(image credit:

For a contemporary take on the terrarium, fill with rocks or sand and a few of fabulous faux succulents to make a sleek and simple decor!

Nothing to water, cut back or kills, totally maintenance free! The eye-catching centerpiece becomes a focal point in the living room.

6. Real or Faux Plants Terrarium

Real or Faux Plants Terrarium

Real or Faux Plants Terrarium(image credit:

This year is about going green indoors. Modeled after a classic greenhouse, this clutter of terrariums adds an architectural element to the bathroom.

Filled with real or faux succulents and plants, or your own collected keepsakes, it brings life to any room.

7. Centerpiece Terrarium

Centerpiece Terrarium(image credit:

This miniature landscape is presented in a zen-inspired metal tray. Mix a few tropical plants up and show them off. It’s a unique way of showing off your lush, leafy plants in style.

As we’re living in fast-paced digital world, these terrariums remind us of the beautiful and wonderful planet we live on.

8. Faceted Air Plant Terrarium

Air Plant Faceted Terrarium(image credit:

Add a gorgeous flash of soft green to your bedroom with tiny air plants nestled in a terrarium with gem-like facets. Air plants survive literally on air and mist. 

Its advantages of portability and low maintenance make these greenery stay fresh for the long haul.