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Elevate Your Home Entertaining with a Home Bar

If you enjoy hosting parties or entertaining guests, a home bar is a practical addition to your home that serves its purpose and it also adds a luxe look to your home. A home bar doesn’t necessarily take up a lot of space. There will always be spots around the house that could be transformed into an at-home entertaining. Find a nook in your home and start to create a conversation piece.

1. Antique Brass Bar Cart

Antique Brass Bar Cart(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

Elevate your room with this elegant brass-plated bar cart that serves up drinks from a clear tempered glass top shelf. The antiqued mirrored shelf below adds sparkle to the glassware and barware. With this vintage-inspired bar cart, you can easily move your drink station from room to room. Great for more than just alcohol, this glamorous cart can also be used as tea, coffee or dessert carts. It’s a must-have for home entertaining that will certainly draw a crowd.

2. Reclaimed Wood Bar Cabinet

Reclaimed Wood Bar Cabinet(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

A bar cabinet made from reclaimed wood framed in iron adds country feel and a touch of personality to the room. The drop-down shelf stores wine bottles and decanters under the cabinet’s top display shelf. The interior is cladded with antiqued mirror that adds sparkle to the bottled wine and spirits. The lower cabinet doors conceal ample storage for drink essentials.

3. Minimalist Classic Bar/Media Cabinet

Minimalist Classic Bar/Media Cabinet(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

Minimalist classic wood cabinet pairs a fully featured bar with a compact media center. Two solid doors open the bar with built-in shelves on each door and ample storage for bottles and glassware, plus a hanging rack for stemware and a drawer for bar tools. This chic bar cabinet can double as a TV stand. Four-tiered media rack hides behind a slatted door for an on-trend look that keeps electronics open to remote control.

4. Ebony-Finished Entertainment Bar

Ebony-Finished Entertainment Bar(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

The ebony-finished compact entertainment bar features a drop-down front and two top leaves that open to a full-service bar with plenty of room to fix and serve drinks as well as store bottles and supplies. This stately bar makes a statement at a nook of the room and can be positioned anywhere in the room.

5. Mocha Leaning Wine Bar

Mocha Leaning Wine Bar(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

The mocha leaning wine bar has multiple shelves to store bottles as well as an overhead area to hang stemware and larger shelving areas to store decanters. Sawyer wine bars are part of a collection of modular leaning bookcases and desks for space-saving storage solution, so you can mix and match all three pieces to create the ultimate furniture piece that suits your needs.

6. Wet Bar

Wet Bar(image credit: houzz.com)

If space allows, dedicate a separate room to build a man cave and install a bar sink for a quick washing-up in case of accidental drink spill. The wet bar provides a ton of storage to store drink essentials, including wine, spirits, mixers, stemware and barware, as well as appetiser plates, bowls and napkins. The cranny in the opposite wall stashes a wine collection in the slots.

7. Pub-Like Home Bar

Pub-Like Home Bar(image credit: houzz.com)

If you can’t dedicate a whole room to a personal pub, carve out one corner of a room for a bar area to host drinks and entertain your guests. This stylish bar area mimics a pub casting purple light on the open shelving to create an attractive display of bottles and glasses. It also features a built-in bar table and two bar stools.

8. Built-In Bar

Built-In Bar(image credit: houzz.com)

Find a nook of your room for a home bar. The white classic subway tiles behind the open shelving coordinates with the white paint throughout the whole house. The built-in cabinet features a chilled wine and beer refrigerator as well as a wooden countertop that offers a prep area. The colorful bottles draw attention and create a contrast against the white canvas.

9. Wet Bar under the Stairs

Wet Bar under the Stairs(image credit: houzz.com)

Utilise the space under the stairs and create an appealing wet bar. This is the perfect place for people to congregate especially during a social gathering. Keep the party rolling with plenty supplies of drinks that can be stored in the custom-built cabinet. The white-painted cabinet and backsplash blend into the stairs as well as become an integral part of the stairs.

10. Beverage Bar beside the Stairs

Beverage Bar beside the Stairs(image credit: houzz.com)

Instead of creating a seating or storage which most people would do at the nook beside the stairs, why not indulge yourself in building an at-home entertaining area? This stately home bar is the perfect blend of trendy and timeless style. Instead of alcohol, the chilled fridge space can be used to stash water bottles, children’s drinks and beverages for a family with kids.

11. Closet Bar

Closet Bar(image credit: houzz.com)

This shabby-chic built-in home bar makes entertaining more stylish than ever. I like the idea of having the doors close off the bar when you don’t want to get too distracted by it and let the fireplace shine as the only focal point of the room.