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Discover 8 Smart Ways of Storing Your Shoes

8 Smart Ways of Storing Your Shoes

Every household needs a proper storage to keep all the shoes at one place. Whether it be an enclosed cabinet or an open shoe rack, the main purpose is to keep and organise them in an orderly and neat manner.

1. Space-Saving Shoe Rack Behind the Door

Space-Saving Shoe Rack Behind the Door(image credit:

A great idea to fully utilise the wall behind the door! An open closet to keep your shoes, keys and other miscellaneous stuff behind the door and off the floor. Hang your jacket, hat and umbrella on the hooks on this wood accent wall. Put your shoes on the bars and have a benchtop to place your stuff temporarily when you are leaving or entering the house.

2. Ikea HEMNES Shoe Cabinet (w/4 Compartments)

Ikea HEMNES Shoe Cabinet (w/4 Compartments)(image credit:

This creamy white shoe cabinet fits just right in the corner. It not only creates a space for storing the shoes but also decorates the wall with an accent mirror which creates a touch of tradition. You can place your keys and mails on the nook which is the top of the cabinet.

3. Built-In Cubby Storage

Built-In Cubby Storage(image credit:

If you have a luxury of space or a mudroom like this, you can display all of your shoes in a custom-made cabinet with handy cubbyholes in your entryway. There are plenty of built-in benches to provide seating for you and your family to tie your shoes. This entryway looks very bright with a lot of natural light flowing in from the two beautiful windows.

4. Off-The-Ground Shoe Shelf

Off-The-Ground Shoe Shelf(image credit:

A smart idea to create a place to organise and keep your shoes off the floor in a narrow entryway. Wall-mounted hooks and shoe shelves make your life on the go a little easier.

5. Wall-Mounted Open Shelving

Wall-Mounted Open Shelving(image credit:

Another great idea to store your shoes in a narrow entryway! It comes with a wall-mounted shelving for you to place your bags and other stuff before heading out. It doesn’t take up any floor space and the entryway looks spacious.

6. Wall-Mounted Wire Basket

Wall-Mounted Wire Basket(image credit:

Your kids have too many pairs of shoes and those shoes just won’t fit properly in a standard-size compartment? Try using these wall-mounted baskets, it’s easier for your young kids to just dump those shoes and socks in the basket and leave. It’s also helpful in a small space to keep floor free and clear.

7. DIY Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Rack(image credit:

If you have a super narrow entryway and a standard shoe rack is just insufficient to store all the shoes in your family, custom make a vertical rack on a wall like this where the shoe rack was made out of reclaimed parts of an Ikea furniture and industrial elastic bands.

8. Ikea HEMNES Shoe Cabinet (w/2 Compartments)

Ikea HEMNES Shoe Cabinet (w/2 Compartments)

Ikea HEMNES Shoe Cabinet (w/2 Compartments)1

A slim shoe cabinet (HEMNES) from Ikea at a doorway. It’s a wall-mounted shoe cabinet with two tip-out compartments that have a much slimmer profile than a typical storage unit. It comes with a drawer where you can keep your keys, mails and shoe polishing cream in there. Place a bench beside it to create a seating area to tie your shoes before heading out.