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Add Extra Storage to Your Kitchen-Part 2

Storage is never enough for the kitchen. We have way too much stuff in the kitchen, for example, condiments, kitchen appliances, snack boxes, pans, pots and so on, do I need to go on? Piling all these stuff on your countertop and island could be distressing to the eyes every time you step in the kitchen. You might be thinking that decluttering them needs a lot of storage cabinet. Even you have a small kitchen and it doesn’t fit in any more cabinet, there are still ways to keep the clutter out of view.

1. Add pot rails on the empty wall

pot rails(image credit: houzz.com)

A small kitchen can’t accommodate too much of cabinet storage. Fully utilise the empty wall space over the countertop to store pots and cooking utensils with the pot rails and S-hooks. A cost- and space-saving way to house some of the important items in a little kitchen.

2. Configure Ikea Grundtal wall organiser

Ikea Grundtal wall organiser(image credit: ikea.com)

Create your own storage solution with the GRUNDTAL containers, shelves, rails and magnetic racks to keep things off the countertop and kitchenware within reach. Make a style statement just like a restaurant kitchen!

3. Install kitchen corner drawers

kitchen corner drawers(image credit: houzz.com)

Instead of using a corner pull-out racking, corner kitchen drawer is another option to tackle the tricky corner space in the kitchen. This dual drawer configuration is a smart way to take advantage of otherwise awkward corner cabinet space.

4. Pull out a larder

pull-out larder(image credit: houzz.com)

The designer made use of the space inside a wall to create a tall recess for a pull-out larder. Pull-out larder is the way to go to store all the jars, bottles and packets for an efficient kitchen workflow.

5. Keep things in order with drawer organiser

drawer organiser(image credit: houzz.com)

No more cluttered drawers and time wasted ransacking the drawers looking for the cooking utensils you need during busy cooking times. Arranging your utensils and kitchen tools in the drawer organiser like this can save your day cooking in the kitchen.

6. Customise your wall storage

wall storage and organiser(image credit: houzz.com)

A great backdrop of a chalkboard painted wall in a small kitchen for wall-mounted storage solutions: metal shelves for crockery with mugs and pans hanged underneath; a kitchen paper holder; a plate holder; pot rails for utensils and hand towels; a magnetic knife holder; galvanised metal buckets for cutlery; and racks for spices.

7. Customise your cupboard with racks

interior door wire rack(image credit: houzz.com)

Install stainless steel racks at the back of the doors of your cupboard to customise your own storage solution for the pot lids, small pots, utensils and canisters. You can mix and match with S-hooks, shelves and lid racks to come up with your ideal storage solution.

8. Add vertical utensil drawer

vertical utensil drawer(image credit: houzz.com)

Unlike the usual horizontal storage for cooking utensils in a drawer, this custom-made utensil drawer utilises six containers to keep your cooking utensils upright. This allows you to group the similar items together in the same container and ease the process  of finding the item you need during the busy cooking time.