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How to Add Charm to Your Home with Ladders

Ladder has become a style to many homes recently. If you’re keen to add charm to your interior look and more storage to your space without having to spend too much on big, expensive pieces, ladder will be the best choice of all. Ladder decor is trending right now. Start to search for the valuable find in your garage or local thrift store, or even you can make one of your own. As soon as you get that gem, you can just prop it against the wall and immediately elevate the interior look of your room. Not only it adds style to your home, but it also adds functions like holding your books, towels, blankets, toiletries, and even pots and pans.

1. Leaning Ladder Shelf in Bathroom

Leaning Ladder Shelf in Bathroom(image credit: houzz.com)

Lean a ladder shelf against a wall in a bathroom to offer open shelving storage and free up the countertop space of the vanity for a clean, clutter-free look. A ladder shelf needs to be fixed to the wall to prevent it from toppling. It’s an amazing way to add a welcome touch of personality to a bathroom.

2. Towel Ladder in Bathroom

Towel Ladder in Bathroom(image credit: houzz.com)

A creative way of hanging your towels over the rungs of a ladder in a bathroom. This sleek black ladder which is made out of bamboo creates the feeling of being closer to nature and elevates the zen vibe in the bathroom.

3. Ladder behind Toilet

Ladder Behind Toilet(image credit: houzz.com)

Prop a ladder against the wall behind the toilet to add some visual interest to your bathroom and hold those extra items that can’t find their place. The old painter’s ladder together with the vanity which was repurposed from an old, antique dresser create a vintage look in the bathroom.

4. Suspended Ladder for Pots and Pans

Suspended Ladder for Pots and Pans(image credit: tilemountain.co.uk)

Suspend an old wooden ladder from the kitchen ceiling to hang cumbersome pots and pans. Bulky kitchenware can often take up precious drawer and cupboard space, this storage solution is ideal for keeping them up and out of the way with simple S-hooks. This means you can enjoy the benefit of having more kitchen storage below while keeping everything within arm’s reach.

5. Double Step Ladder Bookshelves

Double Step Ladder Bookshelves(image credit: houzz.com)

The homeowner converted two old painter’s ladders into an open shelving for book storage and display, thereby creating a shabby chic look in the study room. Three long, distressed wood planks were placed over the rungs of the two ladders at different height to create the spacious open shelving.

6. Leaning Ladder Bookshelf

Leaning Ladder Bookshelf(image credit: houzz.com)

Install multiple leaning bookshelves to provide a stylish storage solution and a way to display some of the personal keepsakes. Not only leaning ladder bookshelves are more affordable than built-in cabinets, but they also create a homey, relaxed vibe. The wooden shelves help soften the cold feel of this industrial-style home.

7. Blanket Ladder in Living Room

Blanket Ladder in Living Room(image credit: houzz.com)

A vintage ladder makes a great blanket rack in a living room. It’s no fun to find the throws and blankets spread all over the sofa. The ladder provides the home for them where you can just hang them up over the rungs. Most importantly it gives an interesting lift to the living room.

8. Triangle Ladder Bookshelf

Triangle Ladder Bookshelf(image credit: houzz.com)

Maximise your space with a ladder shelf if you want to add some attractive freestanding storage. A freestanding ladder shelf doesn’t need to be fixed to the wall. This makes it a great choice if you’re renting, as it doesn’t require a drill into the wall and it can be taken to wherever you want.

9. Leaning Ladder Shelf in Kitchen

Leaning Ladder Shelf in Kitchen(image credit: houzz.com)

Lean an old wooden ladder against a wall to hold tea towels and kitchenware in the kitchen. Find a small, empty wall to put up a leaning ladder shelf for displaying some personal keepsakes to add heaps of charm and personality to the kitchen.

10. Ladder with Wire Baskets

Ladder with Wire Baskets(image credit: firstofakind.com)

Other than a towel rack, an old painter’s ladder can be used together with wire baskets to create extra storage for bathroom items or toiletries. Simply hook a wire basket on each step of the ladder, and -voilà! – a cute and creative bathroom storage.

11. Garden A-Frame Ladder

Garden A-Frame Ladder(image credit: goodhousekeeping.com)

Making use of an old painter’s ladder can give your garden or balcony an interesting lift. Utilise its steps and slide wood panels across the steps to add shelf space for more plants. You can also paint the ladder in the colour that goes with the colour scheme in your space.