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9 Ways of Creating Accent Wall Behind the Bed

An accent wall is a great way to liven up your bedroom through its colour, texture and depth. It’s the wall that you want to draw the most attention to when you enter the room. The wall behind the bed creates an excellent opportunity for you to express yourself.

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper Accent Wall(image credit: houzz.com)

Spice up the neutral scheme in your bedroom. Choose a bright-coloured wallpaper for the wall behind the bed to add in a fun hue to express your personality. This is also a great way to visually anchor a bed to the wall without having to use a headboard, thereby saving you money as well as floor space.

2. Wood Panelling in a Grid Pattern

Wood Panelling in a Grid Pattern(image credit: houzz.com)

Add architectural interest on the wall behind the bed by applying wood panelling in a grid pattern. Paint the wall in super rich, dark hue to create a contrast with the white-painted wood panelling which adds subtle sophistication in the bedroom.

3. Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Painted Accent Wall(image credit: houzz.com)

If you love the look of a black accent wall, you can consider to use chalkboard paint as it allows you to put positive quotes on the wall to make you feel good before you go to bed. You can also sketch anything on the wall to show off your talent in art.

4. Paint Colour

Painted Accent Wall(image credit: houzz.com)

Accent the wall behind the bed with a distinguishable paint colour that is different from the one on the other walls. The wall colour is a simple way to have huge impact for very little money. It adds depth and color, and it makes art look much better. This option is more approachable. If you don’t like it, you can just change the colour.

5. Shiplap-Panelled Wall

Shiplap-Panelled Wall(image credit: houzz.com)

 Shiplap is getting increasingly popular for interior finishes, thanks to its rustic charm and subtle texture. It’s a great way to add a little character to your bedroom. A shiplap headboard is an easy project that can add a lot of rustic warmth to your bedroom.

6. Reclaimed Wood Panelling

Reclaimed Wood Panelling(image credit: houzz.com)

Using reclaimed wood to clad one wall is a lovely way to add texture and warmth to your bedroom. It is also a way to reuse or repurpose a material left over from a previous renovation or remodel.

7. Custom Headboard

Custom Headboard(image credit: houzz.com)

If you have a large room and want to make a statement that has some weight to it, you can create a bespoke, oversized headboard. This tall, tufted headboard dedicates the bed zone and the contrasting black trim sets off the upholstered section from the surrounding crisp, white walls.

8. Wrap Around Accent Wall

Wrap Around Accent Wall(image credit: houzz.com)

The bespoke accent wall travels all the way up the wall and across the ceiling, making a dramatic statement. The wood-finished accent wall’s taupe color has been carried through to the pillows, bed cover and curtain.

9. Wall Tiles

Tiled Accent Wall(image credit: houzz.com)

Tiled walls don’t have to be confined to the kitchen or bathroom. Create a stunning textured feature wall behind the bed with larger tiles to make this work. This sculptural tiled wall makes a big statement in the bedroom.