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8 Stunning Double Volume Spaces That You Can’t Forget

When you live in a property that has a double volume space, it could be quite challenging or even distressing for some people when it comes to designing the space, especially the extensively tall walls. Double volume space is a luxury to a property if you know how to make it work and turn it into a gorgeous, coveted space. The tall ceiling and windows that let in more light can give the illusion of extra space and do wonders for your home.

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1. Full-Height Feature Wall

The flight of stairs at the side lead the eyes up to the extension of height in this modern classic living room. The tall wall behind the sofa is embellished with paintings, wall clock and illuminated arrow decor, thereby being transformed into a lavish feature wall.

(image credit: JENDRETZKI LLC)

2. Eye-Catching Moulding Ceiling

This living room takes advantage of the double-height windows to introduce more natural light into the space. The moulding on the ceiling adds interesting architectural detail to the space and it not only adds personality to the room but also adds a sense of space.

(image credit: Pegasus Builders, Inc.)

3. Impressive Entryway

Try to impress your guests with a grand entryway? A double volume entryway will definitely catch the eyes of your guests and blow their mind. The six decorative mirrors mounted on the feature wall extending up from the entryway table make a huge impact on the sense of the height of the entryway.

(image credit: Universal Flooring, LLC.)

4. Formal Dining Area with Ample Light and View

Enjoy entertaining your guests? Why not take it to the next level? This double volume formal dining room will absolutely make your guests want to linger longer. The light wood floor ties in with the dining chairs and table over which the rustic wood beam is hanged, and sets the tone for the space.

(image credit: Blaze Makoid Architecture)

5. Large-Scale Painting Hallway

The walls alongside a hallway offer two giant, blank canvas for you to unlock your creativity. Since it’s a double volume space, it provides you with more wall space than usual for decoration. To keep it simple yet sophisticated, choosing a large-scale painting on each wall will be a great way to decorate the walls in a hallway.

(image credit: Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring)

6. Staircase Architectural Element

The staircase attached to the wall creates an architectural element and accentuates the height of this transitional living room. The smart choice of the black stairs works together with the colour palette of the space and adds a lot of visual interest to what would otherwise have been a sterile wall space.

(image credit: TA.LE Architects)

7. Chandelier Wonder

The gorgeous brass-finished chandelier sets the centre stage of the entire space. Besides, the full-height glazing at the facade allows the natural light to shine in and brings in the beautiful outdoor view, thereby making the dining space a cozy place for social gathering.

(image credit: Magnet Kitchens)

8. Lofty Kitchen

If you have a picturesqe greenery view and also are blessed to have a double volume kitchen cum dining space like this, use the large glass panels on the floor-to-ceiling windows to maximise the great outdoor view to make your every dining experience a relaxing and a blissful one. The dark, navy blue kitchen cabinets and dining furniture add a touch of drama to this space where a lot of natural light is brought into.