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8 Creative Ways to Make Your Space Shine with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the best substitutes for a painted wall that not only can change the style but also the atmosphere in the entire space.


You don’t have to cover all the walls with the same wallpaper and you just need to hang the wallpaper on one of the walls that will be enough for an added touch of glam in your space. Given the variety of designs and applications of the wallpaper, wallpaper can now be put up in any space in your house including a bathroom.

1. Study Corner

Study Corner Wallpaper(image credit: Atticus & Milo)

Personalize your study corner with a wallpaper. This unique geometric pattern wallpaper with faded colours definitely adds whimsy and visual interest to the space. It feels like it’s going to double the efficiency and quality of the work when you’re working at the desk. It’s daring to run the wallpaper over the ceiling but it really turns out perfectly.

2. Bedroom – Tree Branch Wallpaper

Bedroom Tree Branch Wallpaper(image credit: Camilla Molders Design)

Using a wallpaper as a feature wall behind the bed has been one of the popular design tricks for designers. The gold colour patterns on the wallpaper resembling natural tree branches complement the gorgeous brass-finished chandelier that has the similar silhouette.

3. Bedroom – Book Display Wallpaper

Bedroom Book Display Wallpaper

(image credit: Design-OD)

A bedroom for book lovers or those who can sleep better surrounded by the ocean of books! You don’t need to collect that excessive amount of books or even any book shelves to make this extravagant backdrop behind the bed. Just simply incorporate a wallpaper resembling book display on the open shelving, you can achieve the same look at your fingertips.

4. Nursery Room

Nursery Room Wallpaper

(image credit: J & J Design Group, LLC.)

Nursery room is one of the best places in the house to hang a colourful wallpaper. Choose a colourful and bold design wallpaper to get your baby and yourself immersed in a wild imagination and get your baby amused every morning when she wakes up.

5. Powder Room

Bathroom Wallpaper(image credit: Moser Architects PLLC)

A powder room could look small and dull with just three painted walls and one door. Surprise your guests with a bold design wallpaper on one of the walls. Or, choose a waterproofing wallpaper to be applied on the wall against which the sink leans, which can function as a backsplash as well.

6. Living Room

Living Room Wallpaper(image credit: houzz.com)

This neutral-toned living room is punched up by the geometric pattern wallpaper behind the couch that adds visual interest to the space. The patterns on the wallpaper complement those on the coffee table that also adds a lot of pattern and texture to the space.

7. Dining Niche

Dining Room Wallpaper(image credit: Third Coast Interiors)

Make full use of every square inch in your house like this dining space that is transformed from a niche that could be underused without proper planning. I love the wallpaper here which is used as a backdrop behind the bench seating. It adds a touch of personality to the space.

8. Home Office

Home Office Wallpaper(image credit: LBG Interiors)

Who says a home office has to look formal and serious? This over-the-top wallpaper used in a home office breaks the normal bounds. Paired with the brass-finished furniture, this floral mural wallpaper adds a sense of luxe and elegance to the space. It also becomes a source of inspiration to your work.