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8 Cool Ways to Style a Coffee Table
Coffee table has a prominent place in a living room and it always draws a lot of attention to it. Hence, it’s important that it looks appealing and inviting all the time.
Cool Ways to Style a Coffee Table
Coffee table styling is not as complicated as it may sound. Adhere to the basic guidelines and you can too achieve the enviable look you find in the magazines.

1. Place a Potted Plant in the Middle

Potted Plant Coffee Table Styling(image credit: houzz.com)

The easiest way to style a coffee table is to add a potted plant or a vase of flowers at the center of the coffee table surface with nothing else. This works the best especially when you have too many details in your living room and you don’t want to make your living room feel overpowering. The pink orchid plant in the bronze-finished pot creates a focal point in the living room.

2. Go Simplistic

Minimalist Coffee Table Styling(image credit: houzz.com)

The last thing you need in a minimalist living room is any extra details on the coffee table that might disrupt the entire feel. The homeowner here cleverly uses a sleek and crisp dish that is round to soothe the rigidity of the rectangular shape of the sofa, daybed, coffee table and carpet.

3. Stacking Up Books in Varying Height

Book Stacks Coffee Table Styling(image credit: houzz.com)

The best way to reflect your personal taste in a space is to incorporate your personal items into the space that represent your true self. In a living room, for instance, you can showcase some of your favourite books on a coffee table by stacking them up in varying height. Paired with some knick-knacks on top and a small vase of flowers in a tray, the stacks of books here make the living room feel extra homey.

4. Apply The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three Coffee Table Styling(image credit: houzz.com)

Apply the Rule of Three in your space will give a sense of balance and visual appeal to the space. You can always find the center point and symmetry with this age-old design rule. Three statement pieces are strategically placed on the coffee table here to create an intriguing decoration and sophistication in the living room.

5. Utilize a Tray

Coffee Table Tray Styling(image credit: houzz.com)

Don’t underestimate the power of a tray. A tray can keep your stuff within a zone demarcated for your collection and allow the rest of the coffee table surface to be free from any clutter, thereby making the coffee table look clean and neat all the time. Tray is portable so you can move it elsewhere if you want to entertain your guests in the living room for an afternoon tea party.

6. Combine a Few Coffee Tables in Varying Height

Wooden Stools Coffee Table Styling(image credit: houzz.com)

Opt for an unconventional coffee table like this to jazz up your living area. This interesting coffee table is made up by four wooden stools in varying height that provide texture, curvature and visual appeal to the space. It has a lot more to offer than a conventional coffee table so you don’t need extra decor for it.

7. Personalize a Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table Styling(image credit: houzz.com)

Turn a wooden pallet into a coffee table. With four castor wheels installed, this pallet coffee table is made movable and adds an industrial vibe to the living space. Style the coffee table with a vase of flowers and some reads in random piles to add to the casual atmosphere.

8. Timeless Combination of Flowers and a Stack of Books

Coffee Table Styling(image credit: houzz.com)

Books can make an impact in any room and provide a backdrop for accessories you’re displaying on a coffee table. Pair a small stack of books with flowers in your favorite vase on top to create a centerpiece and keep your living space photo shoot ready.