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7 Simple Yet Impactful Concrete Interior Design

Concrete interior design is about adding the raw cement finish to any space, including the most thoughtfully designed home. Instead of concealing the cement finish, displaying it to showcase the neutral tone and utilitarian look is a growing trend. Many design enthusiasts who celebrate upscale interiors are incorporating industrial style into their homes. The exposed concrete interior design isn’t just for unfinished spaces, it is as much about function as style. Today we highlight a few ideas to help foster a love of this industrial style.

1. Resort-like Concrete Bathroom

Resort-Like Concrete Bathroom(image credit: Bohemian Stoneworks)

Perk up a bathroom with the concrete wall interior design. The cement finish totally transforms the bathroom with the stunning effect. This offers you the kind of feeling of showering in a resort-style bathroom and helps you eliminate all the stressors in your daily life.

2. Concrete Floor

blank(image credit: Cornerstone Architects)

It doesn’t have to be the floor tiles always. Try something new like this concrete floor interior design. It works well with any style you’re looking for. The neutral tone of light grey in the concrete flooring can easily complement any furniture and furnishings you’re choosing.

3. Concrete Feature Wall

Concrete Feature Wall_Concrete Interior Design(image credit: Kaegebein Fine Homebuilding LLC)

Make a statement in a bedroom with the cement wall interior design. This cozy bedroom packs a decorative punch with a cement accent wall and its industrial-modern look. The raw, unfinished look on one wall really accentuates the entire bedroom.

4. Concrete Kitchen Countertop

Concrete Kitchen Countertop_Concrete Interior Design(image credit: Reiko Design)

The concrete countertop of the kitchen peninsula is a statement piece. It gives a lot of personality to the kitchen and offers a unique design opportunity to the space. Concrete countertop can be a good fit in contemporary kitchen designs since it exudes a modern industrial aesthetic.

5. Industrial-Look Concrete Floor

Industrial-Look Concrete Floor(image credit: SHED Architecture & Design)

Concrete floor is a perfect fit in an industrial-style house. The concrete floor here contributes to the open floor plan, loft-like layout in the space. 

6. Concrete Vanity

Concrete Vanity_Concrete Interior Design(image credit: Studio McGee)

Mount a concrete vanity in your bathroom for a modern concrete interior look. This stunning vanity works very well with the brass finish fittings and fixture. It creates a gorgeous, statement-making bathroom that brings out a lot of charm.

7. Concrete Staircase

Concrete Staircase(image credit: VDV ARQ)

If you’re looking for a concrete house interior, staircase is one of the best places to add the warehouse look. It sure works well with the contemporary interior and offers an unexpected chic look.

8. Concrete Kitchen Island

Concrete Kitchen Island_Concrete Interior Design(image credit: Walter Barda Design)

The spectacular kitchen island is the centerpiece of this industrial-meets-contemporary kitchen. The smooth, polished aesthetic and texture of the concrete island make it irresistibly sleek. The pendant lights and bar stools add to the industrial feel.