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7 Ideas to Making Your Dining Table Look Inviting

Is your dining table always filled with clutter that makes your meals less enjoyable? Do you ever find your family scramble for the food with the unwanted stuff on the table. Most people have a tendency to always place something on the dining table, for instance, car keys, house keys or groceries, anyone? Why? Because the table feels empty. It’s really tempting to put something on top of it. So to make sure the food on your dining table always look appealing to you, keep the stuff not belonging to the table in a proper place or make a temporary storage for the stuff when you are too busy to settle them down. Check out the ideas below to make your dining table look more inviting.

1. Lay multiple table runners across the table

multiple table runners(image credit:

Who says you can only run the table runner along the long side of a long table? This 6-seaters dining table has two runners running across the table. That really changes the whole dining experience! The wall paper looks a little dull though. You can choose something light to brighten up the space and make it feel more comfortable.

2. Lay a homespun tablecloth

homespun tablecloth(image credit:

Get closer to the nature. Place your old wooden table and chairs close to a floor-to-ceiling window with a great nature view and lay a homespun cloth like ticking stripe or feed sack material over the table. Put a vase of cut flowers on top and start to dine indoor while feeling like dining outdoor.

3. Fine dine in a pared-back way

pared-back fine dining(image credit:

A formal dining does not necessarily have to look extravagant and it can be kept simple too. Keep the colors simple and stick to a few colors with white and beige as the base colors as shown in this photo. The white-painted chairs, white tablecloth, crisp table runner and white cut flowers make the whole look fresh and natural. This table setting will give your guests a good start of the whole dining experience.

4. Add a funky table runner

funky table runner(image credit:

Dining tables are hot spots even when there’s no food on them. Playing games, helping with homework or just lingering after a meal, they’re where you share good times with family and friends. This farmhouse style table is added with fun with a funky table runner.

5. Lay a table runner across a round table

table runner on round table(image credit:

A round dining table goes well with a table runner to. The table runner here tones down the serious look of the wooden table. Placing a vase of cut flowers and the books at the center of the table gives off a relaxing mood. The white chairs coordinate perfectly with the white lightbulbs pendant running down from the white ceiling.

6. Use placemats to add color and texture

colorful placemat(image credit:

A placemat designates an individual place setting. You can customise the setting for each of your guests or your family members with different designs of napkins. It might look messy if you place different designs of placemats on the table though. With placemats, you can add texture and color to your dining area.

7. Keep a clutter-free dining table

clutter-free dining table(image credit:

A lovely dining space that exudes a cottage feel. This table can seat up to 6 people in a relatively small dining area with a bench seating under the window. I love the the green and white combination in the dining space with a pop of red in one of the throw pillows. Spend a few minutes to set up the table for the next meal so that the table will be clutter-free and always look inviting.

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