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12 Stylish Ceiling Designs That Do Wonders

Ceiling is no longer just a piece of white-painted concrete used to hang a fan or light. It has become an important part of a space to add interests and architectural details to in modern days. The design of a ceiling can reflect the personal taste of a home owner and also change the vibe in a home.

1. Painted Ceiling

Painted Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

This kitchen is punched up by the lemon yellow paint on the ceiling. The bright colour brings a contrast against the all-white kitchen and makes the ceiling appear higher.

2. Tray Ceiling

Tray Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

Here’s an example of tray ceiling. Paint the tray ceiling a colour different from the ceiling and walls to make the tray stand out the moment someone comes in the dining area. If you choose a light neutral palette in the space, using a darker shade on your tray will bring attention to it.

3. Coffer Ceiling

Coffer Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

Add dimension to your master bedroom by introducing a coffer ceiling that forms different geometries. This will make a big impression. Paint the beams white and choose a soft, neutral hue on the ceiling so it will not overpower the room.

4. Patterned Painted Ceiling

Patterned Painted Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

Add some fun elements to your nursery room by painting the ceiling in different colours which are echoed in the furnitures. The laser-light pattern adds another layer of interest to the room. It’s colourful but feels soft and harmonious.

5. Glossy Blue Tongue-and-Groove Beadboard Ceiling

Glossy Blue Tongue-and-Groove Beadboard Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

Try tongue and groove beadboard ceiling with exposed beams to create a cottage feel in a kitchen. Paint the beadboard ceiling in glossy blue while keeping the cabinetry and beams white to draw attention to the ceiling details and lighting fixtures.

6. Dark Wood Coffer Ceiling

Dark Wood Coffer Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

This dark wood coffer ceiling in distinctive grid pattern adds dimension and texture to the neutral-toned master bedroom. It complements the hard wood floor and interestingly increases a sense of space.

7. Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

This bedroom’s vaulted ceiling is lined with tongue and groove planks and beams painted all in white same as the walls. It makes the room feel airier. Overhanging wood beams always give an illusion of higher ceiling.

8. Timber Ceiling

Timber Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

We’re used to wood floors and panelled walls. But, timber ceilings? Try a timber ceiling in one of your living spaces. The result could be as magical as this room. Wood panelling adds a cozy, cocoon-like feel to the space. The extra height of a vaulted ceiling can make a small room feel larger.

9. Moulding Ceiling

Moulding Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

Add interesting architectural details to a ceiling with beehive-like moulding. This master bedroom offers tons of geometric patterns including the rug. The result of the effect not only adds personality to the room but also adds a sense of space.

10. Glossy Green Tongue-and-Groove Beadboard Ceiling

Glossy Green Tongue-and-Groove Beadboard Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

Here’s another example of tongue and groove beadboard ceiling in high gloss green. This kitchen has minimal palette of just green and white. Colour the ceiling instead of conventional white is another cost-effective attention-grabber.

11. Ceiling Trim

Ceiling Trim(image credit: houzz.com)

Ceiling trim gives a sense of elegance to any room. A big, luxurious dining space like this with bland white ceiling will make it look cold and off-balance. Hanging a beautiful chandelier at the center of the ceiling trim and right above the dining table will definitely create a magnificent focal point in this formal dining room.

12. Wallpaper Ceiling

Wallpaper Ceiling(image credit: houzz.com)

Why not go for wallpaper on a ceiling? There are many advantages to using a wallpaper as there is a plenty of designs and colours to choose from and wallpaper is removable. Choose a design that’s versatile and you can see yourself living with for a while.