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12 Inspiring Ways to Utilise the Space Under the Stairs

If you’re feeling that you’re running out of room for any more storage and other purposes, the always overlooked and under-utilised space under the stairs that has a great potential to be put into good use will come to your help. If you’re struggling with the awkward space and angled ceiling under the stairs, here are some inspiring ideas that will turn the oddly shaped space into a functional and charming part of your home.

1. Play House

Play House Under the Stairs

Play House Under the Stairs(image source: houzz.com)

Every kid loves a secret play spot to hide and have their make-believe play there. This is a perfect idea of building a play house under the stairs. Kids will surely adore this cave and love to hang out there whole day. Adults can just close the door and keep the mess out of sight.

2. Study Nook

Study Nook

Study Nook(image source: houzz.com)

If you can’t think of any space for a home office, why not consider the space under the stairs as a great alternative? Create a nook for yourself to have some work done there at home. The bespoke cabinet and open shelving here blend well into the stairs and make the study nook an integral part of the stairs.

3. Shoes Storage

Shoes Storage Under the Stairs(image source: houzz.com)

Never ever get enough of space to stash your shoes? Here is a clever idea of making use of the space under the stairs to create a shoes storage for getting rid of unsightly shoes strewn across the hallway. The pull-out cabinets reveal multi-level racks for storing shoes.

4. Home Library

Home Library Under the Stairs(image source: houzz.com)

Open staircase design gives a sense of space and freedom. Here, a home library was built under the open staircase with a lot of natural light flowing through the big window on the second floor. The open staircase provides an uninterrupted view of the library interior as well as allows the light to travel through the stairs and brighten the space.

5. Play Nook

Play Nook

Play Nook(image source: houzz.com)

Maybe you’re not blessed with a playroom to dedicate to your kids. Take advantage of the space that might be under-utilized; for example, the space under the stairs. Construct a favourite spot under the stairs for your kids to let their imagination run wild.

6. Store Room

Store Room Under the Stairs

Store Room Under the Stairs(image source: houzz.com)

Create a space-saving solution under the stairs to store your cleaning products and miscellaneous stuff. It’s also a great solution to tuck your kids’s scooters and bicycles out of sight for a mess-free hallway.

7. Powder Room

Powder Room Under the Stairs(image source: houzz.com)

Exploit the creative uses of small spaces. A powder room is tucked under the stairs where the slope is a challenge for the layout planning. Placing the toilet at the low level of the slope with the limited height access is the only way to get around the slope.

8. Reading Nook

Reading Nook

Reading Nook(image source: houzz.com)

The small dimensions of the space under the stairs make it ideal for creating a perfect nook to snuggle up with a book. The cosy reading nook under the stairs adds depth and dimension to the space. The drawers underneath the seat add storage for the favourite reads.

9. Home Bar

Home Bar Under the Stairs(image source: houzz.com)

Construct a perfectly functional entertaining area at home under the stairs to host parties and entertain your guests. A home bar also adds a luxe feel to the home. Find out more about home bar here.

10. Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinet Under the Stairs

Storage Cabinet Under the Stairs(image source: houzz.com)

Whether it be open shelving for book collection or custom-made drawers or cupboards with door, under-stairs storage is a winner as a space-saving solution for every home. They also help in absorbing the noise of the stairs. You just need to find out the combination of storage solution that best suits your needs.

11. Pet Nook

Pet Nook(image source: houzz.com)

Give your pet a den they deserve by creating a cozy nook under the stairs. Place a cushion in it for them to snuggle up. Your little friend will love their very own dedicated nook. Build a study nook next to it at the remaining space under the stairs so that you can keep each other company while having some quiet time.

12. Pull-Out Larder

Pull-Out Larder Under the Stairs(image source: houzz.com)

If you happen to have your kitchen beside the stairs, pull-out larder under the stairs will be a great solution to store your packets and jars. Pullouts are the perfect solution to make the space under the stairs easy to access.