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10 Ways to Work Magic with Mirrors

Mirrors play an important role in our everyday life. Other than letting you groom yourself in front of the mirror in the bathroom or changing room, mirrors provide special tricks to groom your rooms as well like making the room look spacious by the illusion of depth or brighter by reflecting both natural and artificial light.

1. Windowpane Wall Mirror

Windowpane Wall Mirror(image credit:

This wall mirror is a perfect accent piece for the living room and make itself the focal point of the room. It is a square metal frame that houses mirrored tiles that create a windowpane effect.

2. Vintage Distressed Mirror Tiles

Vintage Distressed Mirror Tiles(image credit:

This limited-space powder room is elevated by amazingly adding the antique mirrored tiles at the back of the sink. Sometimes an artfully faded mirror is all that is necessary to create a vintage Italian feeling. This beautiful wall decor also serves as an easy-to-clean backsplash.

3. Floor Mirror

Floor Mirror(image credit:

If you’ve multiple walls to decorate, mirrors are your best choice! These floor mirrors not only open up the room but also reflect the contents of the living room with added interest. Be wise and pay particular attention to what you’re reflecting!

4. Divided Rectangular Mirrors

Divided Rectangular Mirrors(image credit:

This modern and sleek dining area is not sitting beside any window, it’s wise to place the 3 divided rectangular mirrors on the wall to bounce light around  the room, create the illusion of space and offer functionality without adding visual clutter as they blend seamlessly with the minimalist dining furniture.

5. Back-Lit LED Mirror

Back-Lit LED Mirror(image credit:

A full length mirror covers the entire wall above the double sink with an elongated mirror at the side wall to check your skin pores! It does seem like a good thing to have a back-lit LED mirror like this if you want to put on your makeup well. After all, it would help you see your makeup on your skin better.

6. Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors(image credit:

Mirrors can strategically be placed to do wonders in a small space. Take this minimalist bedroom, for instance. It looks bright, large and airy mainly thanks to the use of mirrored wardrobe doors and a simple white palette.

7. Coral-Reef-Like-Framed Mirror

Coral-Reef-Like-Framed Mirror(image credit:

Need some quirk in your bathroom? The eye-popping mirror with oceanic blue coral-reef-like frame makes this plain bathroom feel personal and fun. It’s so suitable for your kid’s bathroom!

8. Mirror Paneling Feature Wall

Mirror Paneling Feature Walli(image credit:

Thinking of what feature wall design to use for your living room? This feature wall is perfectly designed by alternating the mirror paneling with the wood paneling. It gives the modern and chic look to the space.

9. Moulded-Framed Mirror

Moulded-Framed Mirror(image credit:

Inviting your guests over for dinner? Make your dining area look more inviting by adding a French-feel long-length mirror. Now indulge yourselves in dinner at Paris’ finest restaurant!

10. Mirrored Backsplash

Mirrored Backsplash(image credit:

Fitting a mirrored backsplash in between the cabinetry is a genius idea. It creates a sense of extra depth. However, you need to keep the countertop neat and clean always or the clutter will look twice the size too.