10+ Spooky Yet Stylish Halloween Decors

Give your home-sweet-home a little spooky vibe for this halloween. From eerie to chic, there are many indoor and outdoor Halloween decorating ideas to add to your spooky holiday decor.

1. Web-Like Table Runner

Web-Like Table Runner(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

A black web-like table runner works together with the two black wooden chairs. The decors on the sideboard and wall add to the spooky allure. The pumpkin candle adds a pop of orange colour in the dining room that complements the orange LED lights on top of the sideboard.

2. Spooky-Face Candle Holder

Spooky-Face Candle Holder

Spooky-Face Candle Holder(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

Welcome your trick-or-treaters and party guests with a spooky-face candle holder at your doorstep! It’s shaped of iron into pumpkin jack o’ lanterns with orange finishing inside. Fill it with a tealight or flameless candle to create a scare.

3. Jack O’ Lanterns

Jack O' Lanterns(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

Feel like something is creeping up on you? Create an eerie atmosphere by placing these jack o’ lanterns on the ground at your doorstep. You can perfect it by adding creepy sound effect.

4. Creepy Twig Wreath

Creepy Twig Wreath(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

You don’t know what you gonna end up by knocking on the door? Give your trick-or-treaters a little thrill while they’re waiting for you to answer the door with candy.

5. Ratty Decals

Ratty Decals(image credit: houzz.com)

Give your kids a chill every step they are taking! This is really funky and amusing to create a ratty world in the house. You can just buy the stickers from many available online stores and paste them on your staircases. What a low maintenance!


"TRICK OR TREAT"(image credit: houzz.com)

TRICK OR TREAT! Spell the words out and make your kids feel super excited about the upcoming festive season. Hearing them say “I can’t wait!” is making your effort curating the decor pieces pay off!

7. Skulls Centerpiece

Skulls Centerpiece(image credit: houzz.com)

Inviting your friends and family over for a Halloween party? Create a Halloween-themed dining area to host the dinner! An existing framed mirror has turned into a tray with well-curated collections on top and become a centerpiece of the dining table. Cover all the dining chairs with a black cloth to make a spooky ambience.

8. “BOO” Doormat

"BOO" Doormat(image credit: houzz.com)

Boo your trick-or-treaters a little with this doormat and make them think what they’re going to get themselves into.

9. Creepy Twig Lights

Creepy Twig Lights(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

Who says Halloween can’t be elegant and chic? This creepy black-limbed tree lit by orange LED bulbs casts a glow with subtle hint of spookiness in your room.

10. Decorative Ceramic Pumpkin

Decorative Ceramic Pumpkin(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

Set up your dining table with white pumpkins if you want to add a few Halloween touches without going overboard. Get your guests in the mood for Halloween fun with a couple of pumpkins along the table runner and you don’t need to create an intricately cut pumpkin to make an impact.

11. Haunting “BOO” Set

Haunting "BOO" Set(image credit: crateandbarrel.com)

If you don’t want to go all-out on decorations, simply add a Halloween twist to your current decor with a Halloween set spelling out a haunting “BOO”. If your sideboard is covered with random knickknacks, it’s usually not that hard to decorate around what’s already there.

12. Floating Witch’s Broom

Floating Witch's Broom(image credit: potterybarn.com)

Add a seasonal display with a sense of humor with these witches’ brooms to your front door. Witches’ brooms are enchanted with a magic spell when the LED lights wrapped around the twigs are turned on at night! The twinkling lights will make them appear as if it’s floating.