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10 Creative Ways to Repurpose A Bar Cart

Reinvent your bar cart. A bar cart can do so much more than just hold booze. Swap out the glassware and bottles for something else using your creativity to add whimsy to your home. It’s fun to put your own creative spin on it and transform your bar cart into a great piece of furniture in your home. You’ll be surprised by how it turns out in the end!

1. Home Garden in A Bar Cart

Home Garden in A Bar Cart(image credit: pinterest.com)

Home Garden in A Bar Cart(image credit: ikea.com)

Make your garden mobile at home. A different way of showing off your succulents and other plants in a bar cart. With the mobile cart, you can move your garden near to a window during the daytime for them to be soaked in the sunlight. It makes gardening at home so much convenient and fun!

2. Home Coffee Station

Home Coffee Station in A Bar Cart(image credit: pinterest.com)

Make your morning better with a convenient and sleek coffee cart and brew your coffee over the cart to start your day right. The cart might look small but it is surely big enough to hold all the essentials needed for many cups of coffee. Add some succulents at the bottom of the cart or hang a beautiful painting on the wall above the cart to make it more inviting. I’m sure this is one of the places in the home where you want to visit many times a day!

3. Home Office Station

Home Office Station in a Cart(image credit: pinterest.com)

You always need extra storage to keep your ever-growing paperwork and folders organised in your study room. The cart here fits just nice in a nook of the room to hold the reference books and even a printer. You can push and fit the office cart anywhere in a room for easy and convenient access.

4. Pastry Cart

Pastry Cart(image credit: pinterest.com)

Serve up delicious cakes, cookies and desserts with a sophisticated bar cart in a party. The elegant brass-finished pastry cart makes the pastries even more appealing. Decorate the cart with LED string lights to add glitter to it and make the party become a memorable one.

5. Craft Supplies Cart

Craft Supplies Cart(image credit: pinterest.com)

How do you store and organise your craft supplies? If you do not have an entire room you can devote to crafting, here is a unique way of storing your crafting materials and tools on a mobile cart so you can see everything at one glance and move it to any workstation at home.

6. Bathroom Cart

Bathroom Cart

Bathroom Cart(image credit: houzz.com)

Add beauty to your bathroom with a bathroom cart. The stylish storage cart comes in handy when you need extra storage for all of your bathroom needs. It also adds glam and character to the bathroom. You can also use it as an alternative of a bathroom vanity to provide storage if you don’t have one.

7. Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity in a Cart(image credit: houzz.com)

Here is a creative way of repurposing an old cart you already own or get from a flea market into a unique vanity. The distressed look of the cart adds a shabby chic feel to the bathroom. The bottom portion of the cart provides storage for your bathroom essentials where you can add a touch of personality and interest to the bathroom.

8. Side Table

Side Table Cart(image credit: houzz.com)

A reading nook isn’t complete without a side table. Convert a bar cart into a side table to keep a book, a table lamp, a glass of water and other things you might like to have close by while reading. It’s also a great way of adding personalised items on the side table to make the reading nook more comfortable and inviting.

9. Kitchen Cart

Kitchen Cart(image credit: ikea.com)

The RASKOG kitchen trolley from IKEA is highly functional and versatile. This handy piece gives you extra storage in your kitchen and its mobility makes it very convenient to move from one place to the other. Choose a trolley design that blends with the aesthetic of your existing kitchen. You can also use the mobile trolley to serve your family or guests the food that can’t find its place on the dining table.

10. Bedside Table

Bedside Table Cart(image credit: pinterest.com)

Transform a bar cart into a gorgeous bedside table. Put your favourite books, a table lamp, reading glasses and probably a vase of flowers on it to complete the look. If you seek after a romantic vintage look to your nightstand, there are plenty of vintage bar cart designs out there in the market for you to choose from. Just remember to lock the wheels so it will not roll away!