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10 Cozy Balcony Design Ideas Your Apartment Needs

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony in your apartment, you should use that extra outdoor space, no matter large or small, to your advantage. Good balcony design ideas can transform it into a personal nook, an entertaining space, a manicured garden or a getaway whenever you feel like taking a break.

Balconies are yet another opportunity for you to put a creative spin on it. Don’t let that extra inch of space go to waste, especially when we barely have enough interior space to work with.

1. Tiny Balcony with Breakfast Bar

balcony design idea - Tiny Balcony with Breakfast Bar(image credit:

Do wonders in a small balcony by mounting a floating breakfast bar on a wall and a vertical garden on another wall that’ll take up zero floor space. The suspended chair provides a relaxed spot for you to enjoy the breakfast and the beautiful outdoor view to start the day right.

2. Floor-to-Wall Wood Deck

Floor-to-Wall Wood Deck(image credit:

The balcony features an outdoor round chaise lounge and a vertical garden behind it. The wood deck runs seamlessly over to the wall to create a backdrop for the potted plants. In the concrete jungle we live in, plants are a natural feature most of us will incorporate into our home to improve air quality and provide soothing atmosphere.

3. Bamboo Screen

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Privacy is very much sought after in a city balcony. Invest in noninvasive bamboo plants for your balcony to provide privacy screen around a seating area as well as create a sun screen to keep the balcony and the rooms beyond it cool by blocking direct sunlight.

4. Home Garden

Home Garden(image credit:

What a beautiful manicured balcony garden! This spectacular landscape is achieved by the harmonious balance of wood deck, grass and gravels with shrubs, plants and flowers. The garden offers double benefits of cooling down the balcony, as well as providing a privacy screen.

5. Minimalist Balcony

balcony design idea - Minimalist Balcony(image credit:

The minimalist balcony is an extension of the master bedroom that carries the same vibe. The concrete wall continues from the bedroom to the balcony. The wood deck seems to flow continuously from the bedroom wood flooring but it actually uses unfinished Accoya wood, a long-life modified wood product. In fact, having lesser furniture makes the space look more elegant and extensive. It’s simple but it’s one of the most preferred balcony design ideas nowadays.

6. Dining Area

Dining Area(image credit:

If your balcony is large enough to fit a dining table and a few chairs, you can transform the balcony into a stylish function dining space, which has essentially become another room in the home. It’s a great way of freeing up the space in the living room.

7. Indoor-Outdoor Space

Indoor-Outdoor Space(image credit:

The indoor-outdoor boundary is blurred in this dining space. It’s a smart way of turning the balcony into an extended part of the dining space. After dinner, your guests can choose to linger at the dining table or hang out at the deck to continue a conversation with a few more glasses of wine.

8. Evening Entertaining Space

balcony design idea - Evening Entertaining Space(image credit:

If you happen to be blessed with a balcony that’s big enough, you can fit a complete set of summer wicker furniture to create a stylish usable area for entertaining friends. Just remember to add some greeneries to make the environment airy and relaxing.

9. Double-Duty Seating with Storage

Double-Duty Seating with Storage(image credit:

This is a great example of how to fit a storage bench in a balcony. The hardwood L-shaped bench seat with hinged lids not only creates an additional stylish entertaining space, but also provides a practical storage solution. The mismatched pillows and a centre table with graphic floral print accentuate the balcony garden.

10. Resort-Feel Balcony

Resort-Feel Balcony(image credit:

Keep cool with plants. Spruce up your balcony by adding a bunch of natural features like plants and wooden furniture.  Most city apartments accommodate some greenery in the home and this can make your home healthier than the city you live in. The outdoor furniture, leafy plants and terrariums brighten up this corner of the city.

What do you think of all these balcony design ideas? If you like any of them, start dressing up your balcony today.